my story

My passion for the great world of wine began by chance.
One afternoon my cousin came to my house and told me about his idea to open a wine distribution company and offered me to work with him. I thought for a moment and I told him that I was interested in beginning this adventure.
I was 19 years old and no experience in this regard.
My cousin started wine distribution with only three wineries and the stock was my aunt's house.
The just undertaken adventure has revealed quickly very hard, but equally exciting.

Soon after that, I made a Course for Trade Agents, and I was enrolled at Trade Agents register at the Chamber of Commerce of Venice.
I took a suitcase, a photo-book and a copy committee, and I began to visit all local restaurants and wine shops.

Certainly, I made a fool of myself! Everybody read in my face that I was the newly-one.

One day, I went to a very important restaurant in Venice. The owner was a friend of my father. I worked at the gas station 10 meters near his restaurant, so we were very familiar. We sat, I opened the photo-book, and I began to explain what I knew about it, and after a few seconds he took the book out of my hands. I wasn't able to say anything, he glanced through a book and when he finished, he told me that this wasn't a job for me.
That was a spark that started my professional adventure.

When I was 20, I've subscribed to a Course for a Professional Sommelier for the Italian Association of Sommeliers. It was only the beginning of a long list of my professional goals.



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