Enologycal pearls of Italy

After l and laborious searches through Italy, I am here to propose some small and precious wine reality scattered in our beautiful peninsula. Thanks to a unique microclimate Italy we may propose a wide range of wines truly unique and excellent quality. Despite my young age, I have a long experience in the wine world. I came from a family that has always cultivated this passion, then I have enriched my experience as first proposed me as an agent, and then slowly formed me as Sommelier and Expert Taster. I decided to put my experience at the service of those wine pearls, all to discover what Italy offers, combining my innate passion for research and discovery, my increasingly critical technical tasting, and to offer same time, as a seller, high quality wines at an affordable price. Companies which I collaborate as commercial manager, are all family-run. They are small emerging realities in the landscape of Italian wines, which for generations handed products typically bounded to the teritory, there from they came in a perfect blend of tradition and research. They are not able only to satisfy the most demanding palates, but to transmit the culture that created them. Passion, tradition and evolution are key words that share these realities so different between them.




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