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  • Berna Vanni
  • Born in Mirano, 12th of June 1977
  • Resident in the province of Venice
  • Married


Provided with licence B, from 1997. to 1999. he was Trade Agent in the provinces of Venice, Treviso, Padua, for "Il Grappolo d'oro " (engl. The golden Cluster), wine distributor for high average restaurants.

From 1999. to 2001. he was Trade Agent in the provinces of Venice, Treviso, Padua, for Mediterranea of Giancarlo Mazzi, wine distributor for high average restaurants.

From 2001. till now, he is a Professional Sommelier. From March 2001 to December 2004 he was the owner of "Le Cantine Dei Dogi" (engl. "The doge's cellars") wines distributor, with its own network branch, in the provinces of Venice, Treviso, Padua, medium to high average catering, with large store attached to the retailers, located in Oderzo (TV), where are for 4 yeras held A.I.S. Courses for Sommelier. And he's constantly looking for unknown companies or almost unknown, in the Italian market with great potential, and he works exclusively with them.

Since 2001. he organises thematic eno-gastronomic evenings in many local premises, about a seventy every year, and he's consultant in writing of wine menù, in many historic and prestigious restaurants.

Also, he's an owner of "Enoteca Dei Dogi" that from July 2003. is a "enoteca cicchetteria" (snack- wine bar)* in Mirano. It is a very special shop, where wines are presented... in every circumstance! In addition to the wine store of loose and bottled wines, there is an inner corner used as a wine shop with snacks, cheeses, mustards, sliced appetizers, where could be enjoyed most of the wines in a tavern. In summer, in the suggestive external stallage, there are organised live music concerts with internationally renowned names as the best italian blues rock guitarist Tolo Marton, Alex Stornello (a pioneer of contemporary music), and small concerts with local emerging groups.

Since 2003. he is A.I.S. Official Taster. He, also, takes a part of the wines selection committee as an Expert Taster, for the DOC wines of Piave, and Lison Pramaggiore the Chamber of Commerce of Venice.

In 2004. he became A.I.S. Course Master , and he opened a new selling point in Salzano, Venice.

From January 2006. to May 31, 2007 he was wine sales responsible for a major wine distributor in a zone.

Since 2006. he joins the pleasure of good wine with good music and in cooperation with the municipality of Mirano-Venice, he organizes live music concerts with world famous musicians, where one of the best is the drummer of Deep Purple, mr. Ian Paice.

In 2006 the wineshop changed its seat, still remaining in Mirano, and specialized it exclusively in retail wine sales.

In 2007 he became the youngest A.I.S. Rapporteur in the region Veneto. Since June 2007 he is commercial manager for Italy and abroad of an emerging winery, and Expert Sommelier for Wine Shop Community.

In 2009 he participates as an Ufficial Taster on 16 th edition of Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, in Valencia, Spain.

Up to date, he is a consultant and commercial manager for several wineries

* a local premise where is possible to eat a cold courses, sandwiches, fast dishes and snacks, some kind of snack-wine bar

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